Open House
Open House Sign with BalloonsOpen Houses are a great way to advertise and promote your home. When we do an Open House, we advertise and promote your home in the Newspapers.

In many cases, we use the Daily Record. We advertise Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Just as important, we advertise your Open House on the Internet on dozens of web sites including,, &, to name just a few. In many cases, we also send out full-color, glossy, Post Card mailings to your community as well as other highly targeted neighborhoods to promote the event. Plus, we often send out Targeted Email Campaigns to potential buyers and Realtors encouraging them to attend.

Shawn and Kristen do most of the Open Houses. While Open Houses are known to attract "nosey neighbors" and people who are "just beginning" a home search, they can be an excellent way to promote your home. Of course, Open Houses are not required and will be held at your request.


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