Key Box
GSMLS KeyboxAs real estate agents, we have learned that homes with a Key Box sell faster and for more money. A Key Box can be easily installed on your front door. We use the GE Supra ibox, the most intelligent Key Box ever developed. Only licensed NJ real estate agents can open these boxes using an electronic device, along with a personal pin number. Once opened, we can use your front door key to show your home to prospective buyers.

Having a Key Box allows buyers and their real estate agents to view your home conveniently, without compromising your family's security. We can track everyone who enters using the Key Box, which provides the date, time, and name of the Realtor who showed your home.

If you want, we can specify that real estate agents give you a Courtesy Call before they come, just so you're not caught by surprise. We can also post special showing instructions, for example, no showings on Saturday mornings before 12 noon, or, please don't let the cat get out. We can also program the Key Box to only open during certain hours, for example, 9AM to 8PM.

Another great benefit of using a Key Box is that our team can obtain computerized printouts of every real estate agent, Realtor, and broker who enters your home, allowing us to contact them for showing feedback.

Of course, everyone has a different comfort level. If you are not interested in the idea of having a Key Box, we can work around it. Our team will do everything possible to accommodate your needs and deliver the best home marketing plan possible.


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