Homes Magazines
Homes and Estates MagazineIf you are like most people, you've probably picked up a homes magazine at least a few times. Homes & Estates, Homes & Land and the Real Estate Book are all examples of homes magazines that are distributed in Northern NJ. These books can be found at super markets, pizzerias, dinners, convenience stores, dry cleaners, the car wash, and real estate offices.

Homes and Land MagazineHomes magazines are be a great way to increase exposure for your home. When we advertise in these books, your home also gets listed on each magazine's web site, increasing the exposure for your home even more!

Our team personally designs each advertisement for your home. We also use our toll-free 800# to capture buyer phone numbers and track the effectiveness of each advertisement. Our goal with homes magazine advertising is to get as many people to call as possible. You never know when someone will pick up a homes magazine, schedule an appointment, and buy your house!


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