Yard Sign & Flyer Box
Fox Home Team Yard Sign and Flyer BoxOne of the most powerful ways to advertise and promote a home for sale is to use a Yard Sign. The RE/MAX Yard Sign is known all over the world!

The top of our yard sign displays a toll-free 800# for potential buyers to call to receive 24-hour FREE recorded information about your home. Many prospective buyers call this number and enter the 4-digit extension because they want information about your home, without having to speak to a real estate agent. Each time someone calls the 800# our team is alerted with emails and text messages displaying the caller's phone number, and, in many cases, their name and address. This enables us to follow up with the caller and encourage them to see your home. Of course, if a caller wants to speak directly with an Agent, he or she can simply press "0" to be connected to our team.

If prospective buyers want to speak directly with a real estate agent, they can simply call our main office number on the sign. We handle these calls personally. Unlike many of the big brokerages, we NEVER allow the calls for YOUR home to go to an "updesk" where random agents handle the call. Often times, these real estate agents have never even seen the homes that prospective buyers are calling on.

For those who prefer the Internet, the bottom sign rider directs them to the Fox Home Team web site for lots of pictures and detailed information about your home. Visitors can easily click "request more info" or "schedule a showing" while visiting the site.

Finally, many prospective buyers simply choose to get out of their car and take a Home Flyer. The Flyer features information about your home along with pictures, our web site address, and the toll-free 800 number for more information. We get lots of calls from these flyers! Many people pick them up and give them to friends, family members, or their real estate agents.


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