Showing Feedback
Real Estate Agent Showing HomesWhen real estate agents show your home, they watch and observe the buyers and listen to their comments. They get to see first hand how buyers react to the condition and price of your home.

As a professional courtesy, real estate agents are often willing to provide showing feedback, as long as we call them and ask for it. Diane Fox collects this information. She gets on the phone and calls each Agent who shows your home and asks them for feedback. She then posts their suggestions and comments in the Client Login section of this web site, where you can easily access and review it, at your convenience.

Showing feedback can be extremely valuable for several reasons. First, we learn what prospective buyers and their real estate agents think about the “price” of your home. Second, we learn how to better market and advertise your home, as hidden strengths and weaknesses may be revealed. Third, we learn about different areas of your home that might need improvement. These “weak spots” are often simple and inexpensive to remedy. For example, we might learn that buyers think your living room is too dark. Using this feedback, you could pull back the window treatments and make sure all the lights are on before each showing appointment.

Most importantly, we call for showing feedback to find out if buyers are interested in bidding on your home. We always encourage the other real esate agent to have them put in an offer. If they request additional information, we give it to them quickly. Plus, we always encourage them to come back and take a second look at your home. If you’re using a Key Box, it’s easy and convenient for real estate agents and Realtors to bring their customers back.


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